Blissymbolics is a semantic based graphic language developed by Charles K. Bliss and is used world-wide to facilitate groups of non-speaking individuals in communication. The language, which is similar to written Chinese, is meaning-based. This means that the Bliss-characters and Bliss-words are graphic representations of the concept behind words rather than being a phonetic representation of spoken language. This makes the language easier to learn than traditional orthography (writing). This website will enable you to search all Blissymbolic words together with their associated gloss meaning. Additional background information to the Blissymbolic language is provided, enabling you to learn about the Blissymbolic Language.

Search and Print from the Dictionary:
  • Search Recently Added Words:Search new additions to the dictionary.
  • Find Bliss-word by Gloss:Enter a word to search and the associated Bliss-word will be displayed.
  • Find Bliss-word by Bliss-character:Lists Bliss-words which contain the Bliss-character selected.
  • Find Bliss-word by Category:Lists all Bliss-words contained in the selected category.
  • Find Bliss-word by Alphabetical Start Letter:┬áSelect the starting letters of the words you wish to search.

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