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General contractor Park Ridge truly appreciate you taking the time to visit my website. I am a specialist in interior home remodeling including bathroom and kitchen renovations, as well as finishing basements. I can provide a fresh look to any room in your home by means of installing cabinetry, trim work and moldings, tile floors, tile backsplashes, or even adding a fresh coat of paint.

Your vision, my mission. That is the motto that I live by to create the home of your dreams. By combining my expertise in all fields of remodeling, together with your creative input, we can bring your vision to life. No corners are cut, and the project isn’t finished until you are 100% satisfied. I treat every homeowner as if they were family and every home like it is my own.



With so many different options to choose from, adding new siding to your home is a cost effective way to give your home a brand new look and feel.

Window Replacement

Replacement windows and replacement doors can not only greatly improve energy costs but also give your home a more modern appeal. Energy tax credits may be available to you when you upgrade your home with new windows and doors. Ask one of our designers what tax credits may be available to you.


Try These Woodworking Tips for Beginners

Woodworking, just like anything else, becomes less difficult the more you discover about it. If you’re just a beginner then it’s very likely that there are quite a few things that appear very demanding to you. A lot of basic woodworking tips will look obvious; however once you learn them you will be able to complete your projects without making mistakes or taking a lot of time to complete them. With the suitable tips you will be able to develop your abilities and the quality of your finished projects.

Your first step should be to ensure that you’re suitably organized and have studied all the directions. Have all your tools close at hand as well to reduce errors.


Careful measuring is critical in woodworking. When you measure imperfectly you can wind up with something that’s too large or too small, or doesn’t fit together well. Marking the wood in advance of cutting is essential to make sure you have components that are the correct dimensions.

But let’s say you have a very dark piece of wood that is supposed to be cut. Perhaps you can’t distinguish where you made your marks regardless of how thick and dark you make them. One of the woodworking tips that can effortlessly solve this issue is to use a white pencil. You can buy this from an artist supply store, or try soapstone that is used by metal workers.

Do you have lots of metal things lying around? Trouble-free clean up is just a magnet away. Place a magnet into a plastic bag and use it to pull in all the metal pieces. Then reverse the bag so that the metal pieces are securely within and the magnet is on the exterior. This is just the thing to clean up nails that are strewn about.

Woodworking tips that concern plywood are always appreciated. Plywood is inexpensive but weak, and it can be exasperating to work with. It will often chip when you cut across the width. One good tip is to cut across the length of the wood instead, and it won’t come apart. You can also score the cut line with a utility knife to make cutting easier.

Utilizing wood fillers or putty to seal an irritating space between miter joints is messy and pointless. Rather, try using a screwdriver to round off the edges so that the space is hidden. This is effective for small openings and is quite straightforward and quick.

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How Water Leak Repair Saves Money

Poorly constructed pipes, corrosion and mechanical damage are some of the common factors that contribute to leakage. Regardless of whether it is a gas or water leak, the resulting financial losses can be really costly. Water leaks for instance, are known to significantly reduce the pressure in the supply system. When this occurs, pressures are raised resulting to increased energy consumption in the process. The rise in water pressure will also make the leak worse hence extensive damage on your piping system and adverse effects on the environment.


Sump pump repair Chicago saves money but in order to do so, you will first have to detect the leak. There are several ways that one can identify a leak at home ranging from wet spots on walls, to reduced water pressure.

You can save extra change by simply procuring leak repair services immediately you suspect that there is a leak within your piping system. Handling the situation in a timely manner will reduce the extent of damage hence minimal repair costs.

In regards to energy, it is important to know that the more energy used to pump your water will result to higher energy related costs. By fixing your leakage, you are bound to return your water pressure to normal hence reduce the amount of energy used to pump it.

A leakage can also be a blessing in disguise. You will be able to know the condition of your pipes through a leak repair service and identify whether they need replacing or simple repairs. This will not only guarantee water efficiency, but also insulate you from future costs pinned to constant repairs of your piping system. All said leak repair is one good way of reducing your bills. However, ensure that you procure the services of a professional to ensure that you get the most out of it.


If you’re considering buying a photo booth, know that you are not buying a “business”. You are however buying a piece of equipment that will allow you to create your own business. When you truly buy a business you are buying, not only the equipment, but the customers, branding and all the work that the previous owner put into that business. There should be records, email lists, contact information and more.


Illusion #1

The illusion some people have is that when they buy the photo booth that they are immediately “in business”. This is true in a sense. You can buy your booth, take it home and immediately book a gig. No one is stopping you but there is a bit more to running a successful business than booking a few gigs and most booths do not come with a customer base included.

Typically, when buying a photo booth you are only buying the equipment. It will be up to you to register your business with the state, usually about $150.00, as an LLC or S-CORP. The main difference between these two is mainly taxes and how the filing is handled. These that want less paperwork usually go for an LLC and those that want a better tax shelter go for the S-CORP.

Tips for Websites

The next step is a company logo, business cards and a website. Your website is a very important part of your business and the second illusion many people hold is that websites are like cars, you just choose what you want and it runs. The truth is that websites are more like children. You are always looking after them. They need a lot of attention and guidance and there is no “one way” to make them perfect. They are constantly growing and changing, forcing you to keep learning and challenging what you know.

Websites are also multi-faceted. They are meant for interaction and data collection. If you are not collecting information with your website you are missing the boat. Websites are not meant to be advertisements. They are there to engage and encourage potential customers to take action.
When a potential customer comes to your site you want to capture their information, either by getting them to call you, write you or fill out a form. There are many ways to do this including: newsletter subscriptions, free reports, quizzes, e-books and discount mailing lists. Always think about the action you want your potential customer to take and make it easy for them to do it.

Lead Generation

Since you will likely have zero to only a few customers at first you must begin building your email lists from the beginning by using a service like Aweber. Contact management is crucial to the life of your business. Sign up for Meetups and and engage people in your community. Word of mouth works wonders but there is nothing like networking to bring in a constant flow of new potential business.

Learn about Facebook advertising and how it works. Did you know you can do research about your niche market by starting the submission process for placing a Facebook ad? If you don’t understand demographics learn. It is easy to get started with a few quick Youtube tutorials to get your feet wet in the world of marketing.

Make no mistake, a photo booth business is like most other businesses at its core and if you want to be successful you likely have a lot of learning to do along the way. That being said, the photo booth business is one of the most fun and entertaining businesses for small business owners to get into. People really do flock to the booths and you will pick up clients fast if you maintain a professional attitude and a healthy interest for the business.

Naperville photo booth has years of experience and top quality booths. When you decide you are ready to buy a photo booth they are one of the best companies to get you started. Above all have fun and follow your dreams, wherever they may lead you.