Exterior Paint Color Advice By Professionals

Selection of exterior paint colors Exterior Paint Color Advice

1. exterior paint makes a first impression, an individual statement and can improve the curb appeal and even the resale value of your home. A creative set of colors can add fun and value to your property.

2. Look for interesting architectural details, or add some that can glow with a color or a contrasting accent.

3. Be aware – drive through different neighborhoods, thirsty and again, to see the color in action. Note the feature paint schemes and adaptability of exterior colors to your own home.

4. Set the input. Use the color of the exterior paint as a sign “Welcome” for your home.

5. Windows are the eyes of a house – they can add or even define the character of a home. Ready to decorate the palette of vivid colors.

6. Consider the exterior paint colors that can not change, such as tiles, brick, slate or stone. Pay special attention to the highly visible inclined roofs. The charcoal gray tile may have gray-green stains or gray-blue that can be found in a color strip paint and incorporated into the color scheme.

7. The balance is important between light and deep colors, and the warm and cool colors; consider not only the exterior paint color scheme, but all the elements that make up the surroundings.

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